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Our Services

List of Services

Psychic Reading

I will meditate on your pressing matter, and consult with guides, teachers and ancestors as well as oracle cards, to give you, your truth.

R500 – 20min including voice call

Angel Cards & Spiritual Guidance

I connect with the Angels and send hope and light to your questions.


Angel Advice of the Day

I will connect with Angels and Guides to send you advise and hope. 

Price on request

Distant Healing

This is the same as a full Reiki session, but from a distance.  I work with crystals and essential oils during your healing session in the presence of ascended masters and archangels.

R650 – 60min

Crystal Facial

Whether you’re looking to relieve stress on your skin from all the excess products we use on it, detoxify your skin to get it back to it’s purest state.  Embody that youthful glow, that is so on trend this time of the year.  We have the perfect crystal facial grid that will work like magic for you!